Student Development

Our mission is to develop our students into community and business leaders before they enter university. 

Summer Camp

Summer is the time to develop a deep interest and passion. We have helped Pleasanton Students not only explore their interests with hands-on learning experiences, but we are one of the few summer programs that offer accreditation for your child to get a high school grade for their summer coursework! Improve your GPA and love it at the same time!
We currently offer curricula in:
One of the biggest advantages you can give your child is to put them on an advanced math track. Aydin’s Academy has helped students enter high school starting in Honors Algebra II for over 10 years.

A+ Study Skills

Why is it that some students seem to be so academically successful so easily? Experience tutoring hundreds of students one-on-one for over a decade has made one thing clear: study habits and motivation matter more than inherent ability. Instead of simply studying longer and harder while getting demotivating results, why not invest a little bit of time to learn those habits that schools never teach?
Aydin’s Academy develops A+ students through elucidating memorization skills, note-taking skills, time management skills, motivation tactics, test taking strategies, and speed reading. These are skills that will transform your student into a happier and more efficient student, enthusiastic to learn more.