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Aydin’s Academy sets itself apart by focusing on student development. We specialize in the Pleasanton and Tri-Valley School Districts.


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Starting Early

Every student should have a strong academic foundation. Even more so, every student should have the academic confidence necessary to maintain academic enthusiasm. Do not wait until your child’s academics and GPA are compromised. Start early with qualified educators with years of experience.

Best Foot Forward

Aydin’s Academy defines itself as a student development center. What does that mean for your child? It means training and drilling good habits. Students that go through our services constantly work on improving their quality of work, analytical thinking skills, time management, and test taking skills.

College Acceptance

Our mantra of student development stems from our ultimate goal: to ensure students thrive in a fast-paced university environment. Aydin’s Academy has proudly sent students from UC Berkeley to MIT and everywhere in between. More importantly for us, our students have continued to go on to the most selective Medical, Business, and Law Schools. Our ultimate goal is to have our students go to incredible universities, but also do incredible things afterwards.

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